Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marble Slab Creamery At The Winter Park Village - NOT SO MUCH!

I ordered a custom ice cream cake fit for a gaggle of rockstars. The cake was a special order of birthday cake flavored ice cream mixed with muti-colored & flavored sprinkles and gummie bears. Topped with hot pink and lime green icing and Charlotte's special Happy Birthday message. Seems like all the details were perfectly arranged for a yummy-licious girlie ice cream cake, right? WRONG. Imagine a parade of 5&6 year old rockstars down the sidewalks at Winter Park Village from the Justice For Girls store where the birthday party was held, to the Marble Slab Creamery. OK, the non-English speaking owner hands me the cake which was nice until I was denied plates and/or a knife to cut the cake? Are you kidding me? So, my husband asks the owner if we could use the clear plastic banana boat holders for the cake, and you guessed it, the answer was the universal sign language for no - a firm head shaking. Soooo, in the moment, we ordered custom ice cream cones for each child and parent. $80 later, we left with full bellies and smiles on everyones' faces, except mine. I have contacted the corporate headquarters to file a complaint. I have also sent a letter to the Editor at the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

Big sisters Emily & Madeline join in for the fun.

Charlotte sits at the head of the table with an ice cream cone as big as her face!

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