Sunday, August 31, 2008

Parker's Twin Sisters Prepare For His 8 Year Old Birthday Party!

Check Out these little barefoot beauties - pointed and ready to party down at Baldwin Park 's Blue Jacket Park for big brother Parker's 8 year old birthday party! All the cousins were there and excited to be a part of this joyous ocassion!

The Junod Family

  • Parker - Check
  • Bennett - Check
  • Piper & Prescott - Check
The Dowdell Family
  • Westin - Check

  • Lawton - Check

  • Bronson - Check

The Bininger-Harrell Family

  • Emily - Check

  • Madeline - Check

  • Charlotte - Check

  • MaryAudrey - Check

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Farrell Family's New Addition & Baby Girl!
Soooooooo beautiful.

Big Brother Austin, Little Sister Kirin & Mack Daddy Jimmy!

Get Ready Austin
Sister Kirin's Gonna
"Rock Your Only Child World"!

Daddy, Can You Say 2 College Educations? I sure hope radio advertising will be around for a long, long time......OR we are in BIG trouble!

BABY KIRIN...Up Close & Personal!

Look how small she is next to daddy's hands.
Wow, what a darling little angel, huh!

Jimmy & Lisa Farrell's New Baby Girl!

Kirin Johnsie Farrell
is a beautiful addition to the Farrell family.

It's hard to imagine that only 3 days ago, mother Lisa was still carrying this precious baby. A miracle indeed! Isn't Lisa sooooo beautiful?!

Welcome Kirin!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Emily is SO very excited to join her new classroom with new teacher, Ms. Lee. In the new 4th Grade Class , we are all blessed with long time, best-buddie classmates Gabby Hammond; Cameron Watson; Melany Cleves ; Lindsey Fortin; & Grace Dinkins! There are MANY more friends that are not listed that we love and adore. Stay tuned throughout the year for our progress.

Madeline Clementine Starts 2nd Grade!

Madeline Clementine aka Maddie Boo excitedly starts 2nd grade with family friend Ellis Fleming. His mom 's Aunt Ashley grew up with Maddie's Aunt Becky Bininger Junod and Aunt Liz Bininger Dowdell! It's a small world afterall!

Go Falcons!

The First Day Of School At Audubon Park Elementary For Charlotte - A Kindergartener At Large!

Charlotte Whatley Enjoys Her 1st Day Of Elementary School @ Audubon Park Elementary With New Teacher Ms. Blackstone. I have always thought that Kindergarten teachers are as close to saints as can be. REPORT - Charlotte completed her 1st day by staying on green - which is a good thing. *In the early years of school, children's learning and grades are marked by GREEN = good; YELLOW = Warning, need to do better and RED = Bad Day - Need total improvement! Pray For Charlotte & Ms. Blackstone!