Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Bininger Harrell DS Girls

What is DS? It is double screen on the old Nintendo Game Boy! Our girls just love their new DS's. Red for Charlotte; Silver for Emily and Pink for Madeline. Mary Audrey is thrilled with her new com-pa'-two-er (as she pronounces it AND corrects you IF and WHEN you pronounce it WRONG)

A New Nintendo DS Equals A Happy Charlotte

MaryAudrey Ponders Which New Lip Gloss To Use

Christmas Princesses Compliments Of The Davis Family

Christmas Cousins - The Camera Is This Way Yall

Can't Always Get 11 Cousins To Smile

Christmas Eve At Scott And Buffy's

MyMy And Maddie Boo

Piper, MyMy & Maddie Boo

MaryAudrey Is A STINKER

Bennett Gets A Flashlight

MyMy Weston And Parker

Becky & Prescott

11 Cousins At Christmas

Back Left To Right:
Bronson & Lawton
Bennett & Parker With Piper
Emily With Prescott, Weston
Charlotte, Maddie & MaryAudrey

Precious Piper & Prescott

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Daddy And Daughters At Christmas

Emily (10), Daddy, Madeline (7) Charlotte (5) and MaryAudrey (3 )

Monday, December 22, 2008

Baxter - Strikes A Pose

Our beloved Westie - Baxter Bininger Harrell will be leaving our family home to join his new family home. After 3 years of trying to accomodate Baxter's needs ; we have decided that it is best to find him a family where he can proudly be the Alpha Male. He needs to be the only child which is a cool thing!

We love Baxter and pray for that we can find him a perfect new family.

Baxter And Emily Under The Christmas Tree

Baxter - We will ALWAYS adore you. We hope to visit you soon and see your awesome new family!

Baxter - So Cute

Baxter Perplexed

Monday, December 15, 2008

MaryAudrey's Special Day!

Imagine if your day was deemed special because you had 2 feet with 10 toes? Well, MaryAudrey realized a dream today. To me it was monumental. A day she could wear 2 shoes confidently. Possibly sandals, or toe nail polish?
I promise to count my blessings when I complain about stress and all the things I lack, Today my 3 year old daughter taught me a valuable lesson. Count your blessings for what you HAVE - even if it is NO TOES - her preference, and what she has become proud of for the first 3 years of her life. These new TOES are not nearly as important to her as they are to me. WOW, I am impressed. God sent MaryAudrey to me for a reason, and I LOVE this child.

"Toes... No Toes"......... NO LONGER!

Wow, what a day! MaryAudrey, for the first time has TOES on both feet - thanks to Mr. Michael, the man who has designed all her prosthetic shoes/feet that have enabled her to wear shoes and get around like all children at school and at play. Mom aka Belinda - has always encouraged honesty about all our uniquenesses - to the point of absurdity! So, today when MaryAudrey received her first prosthetic foot WITH TOES, she emphatically REJECTED it! She cried and mourned her "NO TOES" prosthetic that replaced " NO PROSTHETIC ". This proves the human spirit of acceptance. WOW.. I can't imagine what will happen when we enter high school with high heels???