Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aunt Boo & Aunt Lizzie Lovin' On The Twins!

Aunt Boo kisses Ms. Prescott while Aunt Lizzie and Ms. Piper strategize their next activity at New Smyrna Beach after a full day in the sun with the cousins. These little fair babies have sooooooooooooooo much to look forward to with the WOOLEY BOOGER COUSINS, in a few years!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Imagine The Possibilities.....

Emily Annabeth, Mary Audrey, Charlotte Whatley & Madeline Clementine face the massive Atlantic Ocean. The possibilities for these special girls are unlimited indeed.

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin' In The Wind..

Fast forward and imagine what "sisterhood" will mean to these girls?! Now it is simply an excuse to quarrel over toys, time on the laptops, or who spends more time with mom or dad. Soon enough these sisters will have a deeper connection about how life has brought them together through international adoption, specifically Chinese adoption. Our family is forever richer in so many ways.

One Should ALWAYS Accessorize!

Mary Audrey has a knack for finding the special Nick Knacks that add SPICE to one's life! These special goggles belong to the Stewarts. Initially the goggles started as eye covers. Later they became a headdress as seen in other photos on the blog! Is that fog in her left goggle eyeglass? If you could see her feet, I bet you'd see her cousin Weston's crocks on her feet. Yep, the girl LOVES shoes. She has no idea she is missing toes and 3/4 of her left foot. We will have her hooked up with whatever prosthetics she can have that will enable her to have as many shoes as her heart desires! Smile baby girl!

New BFF's - Maddie & Betsy!

Maddie meets a new friend - Betsy Stewart. Betsy's mom and dad, Liz and Shawn have been connected to our family for years! Liz Bininger Dowdell (my baby sister) and Liz Freedly (sp?) Stewart have known each other since Jr. High School - AND better yet - Liz Bininger Dowdell and Shawn Stewart have known each other since college. The Stewarts were introduced by my sister Liz Bininger Dowdell! Very cool. PLUS our godfather Dann Pottinger is related to the Stewarts as well. We love this very very small world in which we live. WE CAN'T WAIT for Betsy to have a sleepover with us!

Charlotte Plays The Air Flute!

What else should one do at the beach, at a deck party, when your fingernails are freshly painted red, and the breeze is blowing through your hair, BUT the party needs some entertainment that matches the mood? Charlotte to the rescue as she automatically decides to play the air flute.
Pachabels Canon maybe?

Emily Sports A New "DO", "HairDO" That Is!

At 9, almost 10 years old; Emily is quite sure about a few things. Friends, hair, clothing and computer games are at the top of the list of priorities. As you will notice, Emily pulled her hair back in ponytails for our cookout party on Friday night with the Dowdell cousins and the Stewarts. The "DO" was instantly acknowledged by fashion diva Aunt Lizzie! YOU GO EMILY!

Last Hooray At The Beach!

Friday, April 4th was our last night at New Smyrna Beach celebrating the girls' Spring Break vacation. This week was one of the best times we have ever enjoyed as a complete family with all our children home from China! There is NO place in the world that is more peaceful than the beach - especially New Smyrna. My fondest memories as a child were spent on the beach with my family at New Smyrna Beach and Longboat Key! I cannot express the joy I felt watching the girls building sand castles; chasing seagulls; swimming in the condo pool; playing with their cousins; spending quality time with their aunts, uncles and godmother My My - and NOT being on a schedule. Emily really wants to go on the Disney Cruise next year for Spring Break? I am sure it would be wonderful, but nothing is as relaxing as hangin' out oceanside for a full week. Amazing time together.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Marvelous Madeline!

Lovin' Lizzie!


Madeline, Emily & Charlotte hug each other on the beach. Now this is as good as it gets for a parent!

My Little Ladybug - Charlotte!

"Look Mom, my bangs that I cut are finally growing out. Notice how straight I cut them - several months ago!"

Peace Out!

Emily, Madeline & A "Mystery Person" AKA Cousin Weston, shoot peace signs for the evening photo shoot on the beach. Very cool kids!

Velcro Baby!

Mary Audrey LOVES her daddy. And clearly the feeling is mutual!

Hang Ten!

Weston Dowdell, big brother of the Dowdell nephews and cousins, strikes a pose for Aunt Boo at New Smyrna Beach after dinner. Isn't he sooo handsome?!

Surfs Up Dudes!

My nephews Lawton & Bronson Dowdell enjoy a little early evening beach time on April 1st - NO FOOLIN'!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dowdells - Minus One!

Aunt Lizzie and her posse of boys! Lawton - far left, Bronson (Beetle) middle and Weston far right enjoy a day at New Smyrna Beach. We cannot wait for uncle Mikey to come join the fun tomorrow. The Dowdells are enjoying godfather Dann Pottinger's beach condo this week. Thanks Dann & Mary. We Love You!
We all wish Aunt Becky & Uncle Jeff, Parker, Bennett, Piper and Prescott could be with us on the beach too. Soon enough!

Charlotte Needs Her Shades!

The sunshine is so very bright - just like Charlotte Whatley. She enjoyed today on the beach as she ran into one of her friends from Winter Park Presbyterian Preschool - Ben B.!
Ben's mom is one of the ministers at Winter Park Presbyterian.
It's a Small World After All!

Snagglicious Maddie Boo - Our Precious & Darling Daughter!

Maddie Boo took a few seconds out of her busy beach schedule to enjoy a brief lunch of a turkey and cheese sandwich and lemonade. Shortly after lunch she prepared for a race on the beach with sister Emily and cousin Weston. The threesome are all ready for track competitions soon -
Woo Hoo!

Emily Annabeth - Almost 10 YEARS OLD!

It's so hard to believe that our big girl Emily will be turning 10 on June 12, 2008! She is such a wonderful big sister to her 3 little sisters - Madeline, Charlotte and Mary Audrey.

Emily enjoys the beach with her cousins practicing cartwheels and digging to China! (or a hottub as the kids say!)

We love you Jie Jie!

"It's Tough Being A Lady Of Leisure"

Welcome to my life, this week I'm just hangin' out on New Smyrna Beach sun tanning, eating PB& J and playing with my sisters and cousins. Peace Out Y'all!
Mary Audrey