Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Typical Bininger-Harrell Girls Photo Checklist

Charlotte With Jon Bennet pose - Check!

MaryAudrey PWT Baby in diaper - Check!

Maddie FUNNY- Check!

Emily - Always the big sister - Check!

Maddie Cat & Princess Emily Strike An After-Party Pose

Isabella's birthday party was quite the shindig! Emily (10), Madeline (7) and Charlotte (5) were invited to enjoy Isabella's 8th birthday celebration by attending the newest High School The Musical Movie, followed by a wonderful party at their home (next door) with play, friendship, cake & ice cream, presents, goodie bags and face painting compliments of Ms Rebecca the artist!

Lovely Face Painting On A Lovely Palate...

Emily Annabeth, after Ms. Rebecca, next door painted Emily's face at Isabella 's birthday party.

Such a treat!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

National Enquirer Investigates - 3 Headed Balloon Man

3 Headed Balloon Man - Half Face Daddy Poses With Charlotte & Emily At Lawton 's Birthday Party

Goggles Anyone?

Emily Annabeth sports her blue goggles at Lawton 's birthday party!

Spiderman Bouncehouse Party

This is a photo of the full bouncehouse in the backyard at Lawton 's house.

Lawton The Birthday Boy Hangin ' Out In His Bouncehouse

Such A Big Boy -
Happy Birthday Lawton!

JUMP Maddie Boo JUMP!

Maddie jumping, Charlotte walking & Emily wading, all having a blast at cousin Lawton's 5 -year old birthday party!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MaryAudrey At Aunt Lizzie's Pool

WOW - it's hard to believe it has been one full year since Mary Audrey has been with our family! She has blossomed so much.

She says the funniest words, like "Mom, I wanna go to Lizzie's Pools" Everything is plural :-)

She's A Mess For Sure!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Cake ALL TO YOURSELF - Piper And Prescott!

Big Brother Parker Licks His Lips As Twin Sisters Piper & Prescott, Literally DIG In. Piper Slowly Approaches This Rite Of Passage While Prescott Has No Fear! Notice Cousin Beetle In The Background Trying to Figure Out How To Score A Quick Finger Through The Icing On The Fly!

Piper & Prescott - We Love You!
Piper Says Yall Need To Chill Out, I don't like loud noises.
Prescott Chooses To Wear Her Cake! Soooo sweet.

Guess Whose Birthday It Is?

Becky (Mom) - Yes

Piper - (Twin Daughter ) - Yes

Prescott - (Twin Daughter ) Yes

Dad Jeff - (Blue Shirt)

Parker - (Big Brother, In Green Shirt & Under Pink & Green Balloons)

Bennett - (Middle Brother, In Between Big Brother Parker & Standing Under Dad's Arm)