Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summertime Sweeties!

Emily- poolside in Austin. We LOVE Austin , Texas and wish we were closer to our BFF's! Cameron - shows NO signs of missing out on family swim time. She has a mean stroke with her floaties on. YOU GO GIRL!
Orlando girls hangin' out on the porch - tryin' to catch a breeze - Charlotte; Madeline; MaryAudrey and Emily - pose as perfect sisters. Well - sort of!

Carson's -6-Year Old Birthday Rock Star Party At Justice - WAY COOL

Emily, Carson, Peyton, Madeline & Isabella PUSH the limits with their GROWN UP style and sophistication at Carson's special JUSTICE Rock Star Birthday Party.

Peyton 's Pool Is OH SO COOL

Peyton & Emily under the waterfall. We love you soooooooooo much Peyton and miss you each and every day!

Isabella, Madeline & Carson - Hangin' At The Pool In Austin

Surprise Surprise - Ear Piercing With BFF's!

Turning 10 in Texas with BFF Peyton offers a surprise - of ear piercing. The surprise was on all of us as Emily was in a state of panic. In the process of recovering from Swimmer's Ear, Emily was NOT COOL with the uncertainty of ear piercing - regardless of the peer-pressure of best friend Peyton and this major milestone. Nevertheless, these priceless photos will document this terrific time and major milestone WITH best friends Peyton and Carson.

MORE...Precious In Pillowcase Dresses In Austin, Texas!

Pillowcase Dresses By Grammie NaNa!

Peyton, Cameron, Madeline, Carson & Emily model their new, custom-designed and handmade with love from Grammie Linda Dowdell!

Thank you Grammie. We look precious indeed!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Do You Believe In Miracles? You Should Because...

this cat is living proof of miracles. Remi is his name. He lived through miraculous conditions. He, when nobody was looking jumped into a dryer that he was later confronted with as it tossled and tumbled him through heat cycles that SHOULD have taken his life.

Long story short - Remi lived, lost his tail and contunues to be a fabulous pet/member of the Hall family.

Praise God for miracles.

PS - Yes Remi drinks water from the faucet, and I actually took this picture of the crazy cat drinking from the faucet!

Carson & Maddie - Best Friends 4 Ever - Too!

Little sisters Carson and Madeline - do not miss a beat with the opportunity to bond as little sisters.

Carson, turned 6 years old on June 12th, 2008 as Emily turned 10. What a special occassion to be together for such wonderful celebrations.

We love you Carson, Peyton and NOW Cameron :-)

Miss Boo, Mr. O
Emily, Madeline, Charlotte & Mary Audrey
Your Orlando Family - WE MISS YOU!


BFF's FOREVER - Peyton & Emily pick right up where they left off! Peyton, outgoing and highly sensitive and responsible, takes care of very shy best friend Emily.
This friendship WILL last a lifetime. These girls are bonded for life. Very precious and REAL.
Peyton Marie + Emily Annabeth = BFF's 4 EVR

Daddy's Darlings!

Hey there Daddy!
We love you!
Mary Audrey, Charlotte, Maddie and Emily
(left to right - front to back!)