Friday, September 19, 2008

A Future VISION-ARY - Ms. Charlotte Whatley

Kindergarten offers Charlotte many new challenges, including the opportunity to see out of both eyes. Yep, Ms. Charlotte, apparently was born with virtually NO vision in her right eye. Dr. Gold, her new eye doctor says it is a genetic issue and a shame that Charlotte did not have help sooner, as treatment is more difficult as a child learns to shut down their Lazy Eye.

Have you ever heard of Lazy Eye? That is when one eye is strong and capable while the other is not. Charlotte's left eye does all the work while her right eye is virtually shut down. Treatment starts with "Patching" the good eye, 2-6 hours a day after school, weekends, with the hope that her vision will improve in the right/lazy eye. It will NOT be fun and Dr. Gold says we have to encourage this treatment in order for her vision to improve.

Charlotte is a BEAUTIFUL child inside and out.

Remember when glasses, braces, bra 's and all were super cool? We'll let's just say Charlotte tops the COOL chart in our house tonight!

Red Satin Spa Ladies

Emily Annabeth & MaryAudrey model their nighttime eyewear. Certainly ALL proper ladies use eye covers, except what is the deal with MaryAudrey, The Nudist? Oh well, at least one sister has a chance at the PROPER deal.

Big sister Emily just got her 4th Grade Progress Report - Straight A's in regular and gifted classes.

And for Mary Audrey's Report Card - she FINALLY tinkled a drop in the potty - (even though just a teenie tiny drop). Woo Hoo!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Budding Ballerina's

MaryAudrey & Charlotte, Madeline & Emily prepare for Ballet at Harwood-Watson Studios.

Before we leave the house for Ballet at Harwood Watson Dance, MOM insists on taking our pictures. JEEZ Momma!
Daddy tries his best to calm baby sister (mei mei) MaryAudrey showing how big sisters (jie jie's) practice ballet.

Wow - check out the girls in the Johnny Holloway Dance Studios. Johnny and his family are huge supporters of THE ARTS, and donated the light and staging for our studios. The Holloway family started ABC Liquors. Thank you Holloway Family!

BIG KIDS Have Fun At Parker's Birthday Party Too!

Daddy Jeff & Piper, Uncle John & Prescott

Good practice for soon-to-be-married Uncle John. Aunt Lizzie holds SOO big Piper as Weston & Lawton chill out for a second before going back to play with the family.

Heather is a cool chick on the razor scooter. You Go Girl!

Double Delight - Prescott & Piper Junod!

"Hey guys come back. Can't you see we are still eating our green beans?" It's really rude to leave the table/s before everyone is finished. Just wait 'til we 're bigger you big buggers you!"
Check Out "Beetle Bug" Bronson riding his razor scooter in the background.


How Big Is Piper?

This Big?
Whatcha Think About This?
SO SO BIG Aunt Lizzie!

The Birthday Boy Surrounded By His Cuzs'

Bininger-Harrell Girls Can HANG!

Sizzlin' Sisters At Blue Jacket Park

We had SO much fun at cousin Parker's 8-year old birthday party at Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park, where we live! All of the Bininger-Junod & Bininger-Dowdell cousins brought their super cool scooters , bikes and big wheels and we rode 'til our "tails" hurt!
Thanks Parker - WE HAD A BLAST!