Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mary Audrey Sporting Her New Haircut, Dress & Shoes!

Mary Audrey has gained 5 pounds since coming home from China in mid August. She now weighs 27 pounds! Everything about her has improved, except her stong willed spirit! She is a BOOGER. Can You tell? She is now wearing size 6 shoes with her special bootie. She is a sassy frassy and thinks she rules the roost. "TERRIBLE 2's" are nothing like the "TRYING 3's". She's our little stinker bell!

Princess Charlotte Reigns Over Mary Audrey For One Second Anyways!

Thanks "My My" for my birthday tiara and wand. The earrings are just perfect!

Happy 5th Birthday Charlotte Whatley!

Charlotte (center back) turned 5 years old February 21, 2008. For her special day, we enjoyed Chinese food from Pei Wei. A good time was had by all - UNTIL Madeline (front left) fell and knocked out her front tooth that was anchored in her mouth to protect it. The tooth was dead and the dentist wanted to protect it until the permanent tooth pushed it out. Soooo, Maddie just sped up the process. Oh my.



Charlotte Whatley Adores Opening Christmas Presents!

Each gift has spent at least one night in bed with Charlotte and she continues to hoard each and every item ever claimed as her own.

Madeline Clementine Checks Out Her Stocking Stuff

Silly Putty - Classic!

Emily Annabeth Shows Off Her New Bratz Big Girl Bike With All It's "BLING"

BRATZ - how in the world did this "brand" become so popular? Hate the name, but the girls love their over-the-top & somewhat scary dolls and products.

A Christmas "Biker Babe" Mary Audrey

Santa brought Mary Audrey a Dora Explorer scooter. Watch out Nascar - here she comes!

Mary Audrey & Charlotte Whatley At Their Christmas Program At Winter Park Presbyterian Preschool

What a joyful Christmas it was with our girls all home together to celebrate together and realize the meaning of Christmas and "THE reason for the season"!

Mary Audrey Dancing With The Stars, The CCAI Florida Branch Chinese Cultural Camp Stars!

Mary Audrey was not the LEAST bit intimidated about being smaller or younger on stage with Chinese dance instruction. That's my girl!

Emily Annabeth Enjoys Personalized Instruction From CCAI's Florida Director Kat Lamons

Emily & Ms. Kat add the final touches to the paper Phoenix bird at Chinese Cultural Camp.

Madeline Clementine Enjoys CCAI's Chinese Cultural Camp 2007

CCAI Florida Branch, Chinese Cultural Camp

Charlotte Whatley shows off her Chinese paper doll!

Daddy Is Thankful For His 6 Wonderful Children!

Brian, Madeline, Charlotte, Emily, Liz, Daddy & Mary Audrey all pose for a family photograph in the beautiful wooded backyard of Grandma & Granddaddy's house in Fort White Florida. What a beautiful family!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sisters + Godmother = Love!

Mary Audrey, Charlotte, My My, Emily & Madeline - all together for the first time since Mary Audrey's adoption in August 2007.

Precious Angels & Diva Devils Enjoy Trick-Or-Treating At Aunt Lizzie's & Uncle Mike's Neighborhood 2007

Emily - Diva Devil, front right (9); Madeline -Diva Devil, center back (6); Charlotte - Precious Angel, front left (4) & Mary Audrey - Precious Angel, in wagon (2).

We had so much fun with all of our Orlando cousins - Parker (6) & Bennett (2) (the newborn twins - Piper & Prescott were home with their daddy Jeff) The twins were born on Aunt Becky's birthday, October 5 2007 -a wonderful gift indeed! Weston (6), Lawton (4) & Bronson (2) were the "host cousins" in their wonderful Maitland neighborhood. We had a blast! Next year we will have 11 cousins - under the age of 10! WOO HOO - get ready for our little goblins!