Saturday, November 8, 2008

Joyful Memories To Treasure Forever

Barbara & Julia Kadzis - This photo is dedicated to Anne Elizabeth Hall. We know how much you LOVE Julia. Plus, we talked about how you taught Julia to knit!
Ryan Fontaine, Nancy's wonderful daughter who was in charge of all the kid's activities today! Emily is in the background (and by the way kicked BUTT in the hulla hoop competition - 1st PLACE, WOO HOO!)

Phoenix & Celeste Kadzis - beautiful sisters!

Martin Kadzis, a 1st Place winner of the 3-Legged Race. Martin, Mary Audrey & Julia are all Nanjing kiddo's!

Maddie & Charlotte having fun with the 3 legged race!

An Ancient Chinese Proverb Says There Is An Invisible Red Thread That Connects Us......

This IS Family - Our Chinese Family, comprised of families built through Chinese adoption.
Kadzis family from Tallahassee They are so special with 6 adopted Chinese children - Phoenix & Celeste (Cleft Palate), Julia (Deaf) , Aileen (Older Healthy Child), Melody (Blind) & Martin (Congenital Missing Fingers) - along with their wonderful biological sons ( 3 grown ) plus Christopher who is a teenager living at home

Joshua Zhoung & Lily Nie - A LOVELY Couple Indeed. The Miracle Founders of CCAI. We love you Josh & Lily. Xie Xie - (Thank you in Chinese)

My Girls Chillin' In Their Chairs At The CCAI Florida-Georgia Reunion!

CCAI'S Florida-Georgia Reunion - Proud Of Our Provinces Parade!

Emily was born in Xianning, Hubei Province, June 12, 1998
Maddie was born in Yang Jiang, Guangdong Province, April 9, 2001

Charlotte was the ONLY child at this event born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, February 21, 2003

Mary Audrey was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, March 28, 2005

The Man Responsible For Our Family!

Joshua Zhoung founder of CCAI takes time to pose for a photo with our girls adopted from China, through CCAI.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Gouling Good Time At The Dowdell's

"My My The Good Witch" surprised all the children when she appeared on the scene with a basketfull of eyeball candy! She was bewitching in her costume complete with a witches laugh like no other.
Swarming around "My My The Good Witch" include Bumble Bee Bininger-Harrell Girls who buzzed around Aunt Lizzie's neighborhood. Trick Or Treating is so much fun in Kings Row, with an annual hayride and street party!